Australian have relaxed the rules for cricketers with dual passports. At least one unnamed senior figure in the administration believes that it does not go far enough, as this leaked memo proves


A letter to Just A Platform website re advert for an unpaid six-month internship

Site Exclusive

A real departure for me, for some reason this job advert on prompted me to write to the company Just A Platform

At least we fans of Scottish clubs know we are rubbish. What’s the excuse in England?

Daily Telegraph

I am English, I support a Scottish football team. Not the Scottish football team. I am not that much of a masochist. My poison is Hibernian.

‘Hail the stem-cell burger – saviour of our planet’

Demand for burgers amongst London’s hipsters has got so large that scientists have been forced to find ways to grow hamburgers in test tubes, says Alan Tyers, for

‘Pippa Middleton’ writes


I had so many lovely responses for my recent Vanity Fair column explaining everything about cricket that I was asked to try my hand at reviewing the current Ashes cricket game at Manchester

‘We don’t need no full-time education’

It’s time to give kids a lesson in the world of work, says journalist and author Alan Tyers, for

A guide to Manchester, for David Warner


Manchester Tourism Committee welcomes punchy Aussie to Old Trafford Test

‘Beware the killer cupcakes’

All hail the hero teacher who has saved the Isle of Wight from cake death horror, says Alan Tyers, for

‘Thank the Lord for pray-day loans’

The Church of England has scored a rare bullseye by taking on greedy payday ‘loan shark’ Wonga, says Alan Tyers, for

Orgy of technology is killing the moment

Daily Telegraph

Slaves now to the technology that was supposed to improve the game, we debate the use and misuse of the DRS where once we talked of cricket