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in Daily Telegraph

Because of a media boycott over photographs of the Tests between England and India, we were not allowed to use pictures on the Telegraph live over-by-over cricket blog. My colleague Nick Hoult explained it neatly:

“Photographic coverage of the first Test will be disrupted by media protests – supported by the Telegraph – at new restrictions imposed by the BCCI regarding the use of images and the threat they pose to media freedom.

The BCCI plans to supply images on its website and has barred agencies such as Getty Images and Action Images.

International news agencies have responded by saying they will not be providing any photographic coverage of one of the most high-profile clashes in cricket.”

Instead, I had the idea of drawing stick figures to show the action, and other bloggers including Mike Norrish, Jonathan Liew, Giles Mole and Rod Gilmour joined in as we created perhaps one of the most significant and powerful movements in modern art history. Erm…

Ian Bell cartoon

Ian Bell, fielding at short leg, was struck several times in the India first innings

A battle of the egos

Jonathan Trott cartoon

Jonathan Trott initially claimed a catch which had quite clearly not carried

Ian Bell out

Bell threw his wicket away with a terrible shot first ball, to widespread disgust

Samit Patel cartoon

Poor Samit Patel had two shocking decisions in the match

Here is a link to the gallery on the Telegraph website

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