Al’s Movie Reviews: Central Intelligence

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Stars: The Rock, Kevin Hart.

Central Intelligence
I am a huge fan of Mr The Rock. There are times when I think he may perhaps be our greatest living actor. I also like Kevin Hart, and they are fun together as an odd couple spy something something don’t worry too much about it.

Jesse off out of Breaking Bad pops up and they have him say “bitch” in a self-referential way that I couldn’t make my mind yp about. And nice Beadie Russell off out of The Wire is cool as a CIA sociopath.

However, Hart does not get quite enough zingers. And while the action-comedy balance is fine, and the bromance is good, they try to inject a triple-cross intrigue thing, needlessly. It’s not Bourne, mate. Get back to the bit where the Rock has to wear wee Kevin’s pyjamas.

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