The Non Cricketer 50 Most Influential People In English Cricket

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LEAKED! the top highest 50 movers and shakers who move and shake cricket in England and mould it to their will like it was all clay or something and they were them people in Ghost.

1. Gilo, obviously
2. WG Grace
3. Beefy
4. Lamby
5. Goughie
6. Crofty
7. The Nawab of Pataudi-y
8. Very useful cricketer Dave Mohammed
9. Third Umpire Marais Erasmus…
10. …Rock and roll that…
11. …You’re on screen now, stay with your original decision…
12. Third Umpire Marais Erasmus
13. Sachin. Don’t write in.
14. Richard Kettleborough
15. DRS
16. Aggers
17. Blowers
18. Tuffers
19. Johnners
20. A delightful Victoria Sponge from a Miss Blennerhassett of Penrith
21. A very short gap in the football calendar
22. Is Giles Clarke still involved in it? If so, totally him. Did you double-tap? ARE YOU SURE? IS HE REALLY NEUTRALISED?
23. Surprisingly high placing for Fred Titmus
24. MS Dhoni
25. Doug Bollinger
26. Doug Bollinger
27. Liz Hurley
28. Brears
29. Gatt
30. Fackin Embers
31. Barney Francis
32. Barney Rubble
33. Raymond van Barneveld
34. Wayne Rooney
35. Daffy
36. Ranji
37. Imran Khan
38. Not that one, you idiot, obviously the famous Imran Khan
39. Yozzer, goes without saying, could have been higher TBF TBH
40. Boom-Boom
41. Sir Elton John
42. Sir Mick Jagger
43. Sir Jadeja
44. Nigel a-la-la-la-la-Long
45. The front foot LBW law
46. The balance between bat and ball
47. The shipping forecast
48. Boycs
49. That guy in India who looks like an accountant that even other accountants find boring but is actually head of a vast criminal empire that could have you and your entire family wiped off the face of the earth, poof, like that, like they never even existed, like it was nothing.
50. Gilo

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