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The Ashes is the highlight of any player’s career. And these days, it’s a vital moneymaking opportunity for former cricketers as well. Look out for the following programmes and campaigns in the next few weeks.


Cricketers coming to a screen near you


Andrew Flintoff has a new TV show coming out, called Flintoff: From Lord’s to the Ring, in which he trains for, and fights in, a professional boxing match. Here are some more TV-cricket proposals currently in development by Flintstone Productions.

Andrew Flintoff’s unseemly attack on Michael Atherton’s commentary credentials simply doesn’t add up

Daily Telegraph

Pretty much every consistently successful sportsman or sportswoman has understood that you have to know when to attack, and you have to know when to defend.

I’m an MBE… Get me a TV show


On the back of Freddie’s TV success, the other bowlers from that legendary Ashes 2005 win are also making the move to the small screen