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In an emotional but dignified press conference, Alastair Cook today resigned the England captaincy saying: β€œit was just the time was right for me to go. Kevin Pietersen has nothing to do with the decision.”


Kevin Pietersen, like Sir Ian Botham, was a problem worth having for English cricket

Daily Telegraph

[a blog for the Daily Telegraph website on the news that Kevin Pietersen had been left out of the England ODI and World Twenty20 squads]

Dubai defeat disaster: the positives


It hasn’t all been all terrible for England in the UAE so far, you know

Heads must roll as England lurch to latest disaster

Daily Telegraph

Only follow cricket occasionally? This one simple news story will give you all the ammunition you need to join in with the moaning about The Ashes

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In which England keep plugging away – though there are weeks to the first Ashes Test yet

I Am Tremlett: Feel My Wrath

Spycam on Cricinfo

In which we see behind the scenes at the England boot camp and learn a little about a tall fast-bowler’s recently acquired mean streak