Australia in England 2013

I had so many lovely responses for my recent Vanity Fair column explaining everything about cricket that I was asked to try my hand at reviewing the current Ashes cricket game at Manchester


A guide to Manchester, for David Warner


Manchester Tourism Committee welcomes punchy Aussie to Old Trafford Test

Orgy of technology is killing the moment

Daily Telegraph

Slaves now to the technology that was supposed to improve the game, we debate the use and misuse of the DRS where once we talked of cricket

Advising Young Pup


The Australian dressing room at Lord’s, post-defeat

Ashes 2013: The Queen’s royal diary – one’s day At Lord’s

Daily Telegraph

In which The Queen has the dubious pleasure of being introduced to the Australian cricket team prior to the start of the Second Test

Broad and the walking debate: a summary


A brilliant, and brilliantly controversial, Test match has seem figures as diverse as Richard Dawkins and Piers Morgan having their say on batsmen not walking. The amount of opinion and argument has become overwhelming, so please find below a handy guide summarising the major debating positions on the matter.

First Test shows how television technology can now control the action

Daily Telegraph

It is impossible to say with complete confidence whether Werner Heisenberg, the German pioneer of quantum mechanics, liked cricket.

Ex-players on the Ashes: a handy media guide


The Ashes is the highlight of any player’s career. And these days, it’s a vital moneymaking opportunity for former cricketers as well. Look out for the following programmes and campaigns in the next few weeks.

The Ashes 2013: where have all the sledgers gone?

Daily Telegraph

The cricket may be one-sided this summer, but do not expect any vintage verbals during the Ashes series

A dummies guide to Australia’s new regime


It’s been a confusing few days for Australian cricketers. First they discover that punching a Pommie in the pub is no longer considered a sign of a good team player, and now they have to learn the ways of a new coach. This handy guide will help any player struggling with the transition to a new culture in the team.