An interview wot I did with the England fast bowler a couple of weeks before The Ashes


Who will sponsor English cricket?


The ECB has lost a second sponsor in three months after Brit Insurance opted not to renew their deal – who could step in?

Kevin Pietersen, like Sir Ian Botham, was a problem worth having for English cricket

Daily Telegraph

[a blog for the Daily Telegraph website on the news that Kevin Pietersen had been left out of the England ODI and World Twenty20 squads]

With friends like these, Kevin Pietersen…

Daily Telegraph

There are few situations in human life that cannot be made more disharmonious by the introduction of Piers Morgan, and sure enough, his entry into the fray on behalf of Kevin Pietersen has made the affair that bit more rancorous.

Sir Allen Stanford: Jail Diary

Daily Telegraph

With England playing West Indies in two Twenty20s that make up the Allen Stanford Memorial Series, what news of the man himself?

One Fan, One Vote

How To Save Cricket

Corruption in cricket? Youth disinterest? The buck doesn’t seem to stop anywhere. What we need is democracy, elected officials and big sticks to hit them with