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England cricket bosses have hit back at suggestions that this week’s practice match between England and Essex descended into farce as multiple substitutions led to the game being stripped of its first-class status.


The Ashes 2013: England’s Steven Finn is a thoroughly modern fast bowler

Daily Telegraph

An interview wot I did with the England fast bowler a couple of weeks before The Ashes

New Zealand v England: an apology


By all UK newspapers Along with other commentators, we may have mistakenly given the impression that the England cricket team was among the very best in the world and merely had to turn up in New Zealand in order to secure a 3-0 series victory. Although this was not our intention, we now accept that […]

TV viewing safety guide for New Zealand-England Tests


England are playing in the Land of the Long White Cloud, but for their supporters back home, it’ll be more like the Land of the Long Dark Night. With Test matches kicking off at 9.30pm UK time, fans will have to focus on executing their skills and getting things in the right areas if they are to stay awake. This guide explains how.

A dual-purpose news report about England


Of late, the England T20 side has lurched alarmingly between brilliance and incompetence, and as the games are taking place on the other side of the world, it can be hard for the UK fan to follow what’s going on. Here’s a handy guide to the side’s latest performance.

India v England: first Test commentary brought to you all the way from West London, but where were the pyjamas?

Daily Telegraph

For England fans watching at home, it was a new dawn. Well, a new “several hours before dawn”.

India v England: Couch potatoes’ eyes primed to glaze over during armchair fans’ toughest tour

Daily Telegraph

It is clear that there are some hard yards ahead for Andy Flower’s outfit – negotiating those devilish spinners, negotiating those devilish lavatories, trying not to throttle Kevin Pietersen – but their obstacles are as none compared to the battle facing their loyal supporters at home over the next few weeks.

Who will sponsor English cricket?


The ECB has lost a second sponsor in three months after Brit Insurance opted not to renew their deal – who could step in?

The Kevin Pietersen reintegration package


England’s players work together to bring KP back into the fold