England football team

England have always lorded it over the minnows (just) and it’s time they got some serious competition from Scotland et al


At least we fans of Scottish clubs know we are rubbish. What’s the excuse in England?

Daily Telegraph

I am English, I support a Scottish football team. Not the Scottish football team. I am not that much of a masochist. My poison is Hibernian.

England v Poland: Adrian Chiles stays afloat in troubled waters as ITV are served a damp squib

Daily Telegraph

As the Fifa announcements failed to materialise, and Roy Keane’s blood pressure rose, you had to feel for Adrian Chiles, trapped in a small room with an angry Keano during the rained-off Poland game

(Made-Up) Reaction: Fabio Must Die


Fleet Street gets stuck into Capello after he single-handedly loses a football match to France

Richard Keys Savages Top-Top

Football On TV

What was up with Richard Keys during the England match? Why was he picking a fight with poor Jamie Redknapp? Was he just obeying orders?

Number Three: Thank You For Smoking

How To Fix Football

The recent fuss about Wayne Rooney smoking presents both a problem and an opportunity.