England in New Zealand 2013

By all UK newspapers Along with other commentators, we may have mistakenly given the impression that the England cricket team was among the very best in the world and merely had to turn up in New Zealand in order to secure a 3-0 series victory. Although this was not our intention, we now accept that […]


Happy hour with New Zealand’s thirsty cricket team


The home dressing room, the University Oval ground, Dunedin, some time after the close of play

TV viewing safety guide for New Zealand-England Tests


England are playing in the Land of the Long White Cloud, but for their supporters back home, it’ll be more like the Land of the Long Dark Night. With Test matches kicking off at 9.30pm UK time, fans will have to focus on executing their skills and getting things in the right areas if they are to stay awake. This guide explains how.

A dual-purpose news report about England


Of late, the England T20 side has lurched alarmingly between brilliance and incompetence, and as the games are taking place on the other side of the world, it can be hard for the UK fan to follow what’s going on. Here’s a handy guide to the side’s latest performance.