England have always lorded it over the minnows (just) and it’s time they got some serious competition from Scotland et al


Breaking news: Fifa say Hell will host 2026 World Cup

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Fifa dismiss concerns over soaring temperatures and lack of football culture in Hell as bid leader Lucifer pays tribute to ‘role model’ Sepp Blatter

Comment: to punish Rio Ferdinand for being a ‘role model’ is absurd

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How can it be fair that the former England captain is treated more harshly by the FA Commission for being a “role model for many young people”?

At least we fans of Scottish clubs know we are rubbish. What’s the excuse in England?

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I am English, I support a Scottish football team. Not the Scottish football team. I am not that much of a masochist. My poison is Hibernian.

Ryan Bertrand proves that only constant Twitter usage can save football

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What did footballers do before the invention of Twitter? It feels that barely an hour can now pass without a player making a berk of himself on the inescapable social media site…

On Mankading, the spirit of cricket and other enjoyable debates

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So is it right for a bowler to run out a batsman who is backing up too far? Vinoo Mankad thought so in 1947; and Murali Kartik was of the same mind on Thursday when he whipped off the bails at the non-striker’s end as Somerset’s Alex Barrow wandered too far down the pitch. The affair prompted the sort of spluttering and chuntering that only a really good bust-up about the ‘spirit of cricket’ can engender.

Gary Lineker and his team on best behaviour to kick off the new Match Of The Day season

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Last Saturday? It was the return to our screens of the vastly popular, hysterical and grotesque national obsession. And once The X-Factor was over, there was televised Premier League football.

A day in the life of Carlos Tevez

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A day in the life of Manchester City’s rebel without a clue, as mistranslated by an evil journalist

Arsène Nearly Hurt In Tesco Tragedy


Is everybody out to get the Arsenal manager? He seems to believe that they are

In Awe Of Hacks’ Big Beastliness…

Football On TV

A bunch of middle-aged men around a pretend breakfast table in Sky’s studios talking about their newspapers seems an unlikely premise for an enjoyable TV show. However, we find Sunday Supplement a must-watch