footballers behaving badly

How can it be fair that the former England captain is treated more harshly by the FA Commission for being a “role model for many young people”?


Abolish football, form unions, get angry, be happy…

Daily Telegraph

It has been another bumper few days for football supporters, with the sports pages, blogs, phone lines and Twitters groaning under the weight of opinion about men refusing to wear t-shirts. Where once we talked about the actual sporting activity, now it’s the training top as political statement, racism, trade unionism and society that fill the pages and internet.

Ryan Bertrand proves that only constant Twitter usage can save football

Daily Telegraph

What did footballers do before the invention of Twitter? It feels that barely an hour can now pass without a player making a berk of himself on the inescapable social media site…

On Mankading, the spirit of cricket and other enjoyable debates

Daily Telegraph

So is it right for a bowler to run out a batsman who is backing up too far? Vinoo Mankad thought so in 1947; and Murali Kartik was of the same mind on Thursday when he whipped off the bails at the non-striker’s end as Somerset’s Alex Barrow wandered too far down the pitch. The affair prompted the sort of spluttering and chuntering that only a really good bust-up about the ‘spirit of cricket’ can engender.

A day in the life of Carlos Tevez

Daily Telegraph

A day in the life of Manchester City’s rebel without a clue, as mistranslated by an evil journalist