A new sporting body is being set up to oversee corruption in world sport: the Board of Criminal Corruption Investigation For Improved Future Administration.


UK media shows sudden interest in the IPL


England’s Council of United Newspapers and Television has today issued a statement saying that “our members have voted to take a keen interest in the IPL in the light of the recent alleged spot-fixing crisis”.

India brains trust fixes the Test team


With the Indian Test team in crisis, an emergency meeting was convened among some of the country’s most respected cricketing figures.

The Indian ICC Awards


India’s beleaguered cricket team didn’t bother to attend the ICC Awards, because they were conducting their own private awards ceremony behind closed doors.

The Secret Diary of Rahul Dravid, Aged 29792 Balls


India’s one and only Wall reveals all about the trials of playing for his country

Key Twitter Figures On IPL Franchises

Spycam on Cricinfo

Twitterverse kingpins react to the news that the Kings XI Punjab and the Rajasthan Royals have been given the bum’s rush from IPL4