Kevin Pietersen

England’s players work together to bring KP back into the fold


Behind the scenes at England’s India defeat post-mortem


Life without Kevin…

February 2016 news: England cricket captain Cook resigns after South African defeat

Daily Telegraph

In an emotional but dignified press conference, Alastair Cook today resigned the England captaincy saying: “it was just the time was right for me to go. Kevin Pietersen has nothing to do with the decision.”

Kevin Pietersen, like Sir Ian Botham, was a problem worth having for English cricket

Daily Telegraph

[a blog for the Daily Telegraph website on the news that Kevin Pietersen had been left out of the England ODI and World Twenty20 squads]

With friends like these, Kevin Pietersen…

Daily Telegraph

There are few situations in human life that cannot be made more disharmonious by the introduction of Piers Morgan, and sure enough, his entry into the fray on behalf of Kevin Pietersen has made the affair that bit more rancorous.

Dessie And The Major, Part IV

Dessie And The Major

I switched off the television. I began a strongly worded letter urging Sky Sports News presenter Charlie Webster (a female) to change her name to something more feminine-sounding, like a Virginia, a Persephone or a Ravi.