England’s Council of United Newspapers and Television has today issued a statement saying that “our members have voted to take a keen interest in the IPL in the light of the recent alleged spot-fixing crisis”.


Pakistan v England: what are the odds?


A lowdown on what to expect in terms of betting for the series in the UAE

Ijaz Butt: It’s A Conspiracy

Spycam on Cricinfo

What links alien abductions, the JFK assassination, Elvis and Kamran Akmal? Only one man has the answer. Note: do not read this if THEY ARE WATCHING YOU

Fixing hits cricket journalism

Spycam on Cricinfo

In which shady editors call crooked reporters and demand a thousand words by lunchtime

Scenes From A Ladbrokes, Cardiff

Spycam on Cricinfo

The Pakistan High Commissioner, Salman Butt and the gang mark your card and thank Wazza for deflecting some of the media attention