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A handy month-by-month breakdown of what we can expect from the world of cricket this year.


India brains trust fixes the Test team


With the Indian Test team in crisis, an emergency meeting was convened among some of the country’s most respected cricketing figures.

Dessie And The Major, Part III

Dessie And The Major

Since I last wrote to you, Dessie and I have had rather a torrid time of things, and I am sorry to say that we are now wanted by the authorities on two continents.

Dessie And The Major, Part II

Dessie And The Major

Dessie and I were sitting in the drawing room, watching the rain trickle dispiritingly down the window pane and attempting to keep our spirits up with a Terry’s Chocolate Orange.

The Indian ICC Awards


India’s beleaguered cricket team didn’t bother to attend the ICC Awards, because they were conducting their own private awards ceremony behind closed doors.

The Secret Diary of Rahul Dravid, Aged 29792 Balls


India’s one and only Wall reveals all about the trials of playing for his country

Bring On The Boys And Greybeards

How To Save Cricket

In praise of the very old, and the very young, men playing cricket; and a wish that all teams had more of both