Shane Warne

The blond legend’s blueprint for success – leaked.


How to fix Australian cricket: legends lend Shane a hand

Daily Telegraph

Shane Warne’s dossier on how to fix Australian cricket is excellent – but does it go far enough? A survey of other key figures in the Australian game has revealed ten further areas of concern…

David Hasselhoff to rescue Australian cricket

Daily Telegraph

Cricket Australia have moved swiftly to appoint David Hasselhoff as their new head coach following a successful induction day at the Sydney Cricket Ground

Liz Hurley, Shane Warne, Diamonds and Pizza

Spycam on Cricinfo

The blond Aussie spinning legend can’t bear that his lady friend thinks highly of his successors

SOS the Fat One: We need you Warnie

Spycam on Cricinfo

Australia’s selectors call on a burger-loving, card-playing 40-year-old

The Department of Predikshuns

Spycam on Cricinfo

In which Pigeon and Mervyn draw up another cunning plan for unsettling the Poms ahead of The Ashes

Bring On The Boys And Greybeards

How To Save Cricket

In praise of the very old, and the very young, men playing cricket; and a wish that all teams had more of both

Key Twitter Figures On IPL Franchises

Spycam on Cricinfo

Twitterverse kingpins react to the news that the Kings XI Punjab and the Rajasthan Royals have been given the bum’s rush from IPL4

Reclaim Cricket from the Athletic

How To Save Cricket

You just don’t see enough articles about what’s wrong with cricket and how to solve its woes, do you? Someone should do one. So I have. It’s the first in my series: “How To Fix Cricket”