Sky Sports

The television highlight of the last few days was Bob Willis coming in off the long run about England’s (alleged) (mainly by Bob) ball-tampering.


India v England: first Test commentary brought to you all the way from West London, but where were the pyjamas?

Daily Telegraph

For England fans watching at home, it was a new dawn. Well, a new “several hours before dawn”.

India v England: Couch potatoes’ eyes primed to glaze over during armchair fans’ toughest tour

Daily Telegraph

It is clear that there are some hard yards ahead for Andy Flower’s outfit – negotiating those devilish spinners, negotiating those devilish lavatories, trying not to throttle Kevin Pietersen – but their obstacles are as none compared to the battle facing their loyal supporters at home over the next few weeks.

Dessie And The Major, Part IV

Dessie And The Major

I switched off the television. I began a strongly worded letter urging Sky Sports News presenter Charlie Webster (a female) to change her name to something more feminine-sounding, like a Virginia, a Persephone or a Ravi.

In Awe Of Hacks’ Big Beastliness…

Football On TV

A bunch of middle-aged men around a pretend breakfast table in Sky’s studios talking about their newspapers seems an unlikely premise for an enjoyable TV show. However, we find Sunday Supplement a must-watch

It’s Manchester Derby Bingo-Ah


Yes, it’s Manchester derby time, and as if the match itself were not exciting enough, Football365 has teamed up with top Manchester shopping mall The Arndale Centre to bring you this brilliant cut-out-and-destroy spotter’s game to play during the build-up and coverage on Wednesday night…

John & Al’s Footy & Tapas On TV

Football On TV

Football has rather an uneasy relationship with food in general – but a weekend of Spanish football and tapas could make us think again.

Giovanni e Alanio’s Football On Il TV

Football On TV

We’re fans of Italian culture. Well, not all that operatic wailing in a high-pitched voice; more the Serie A. Plus: a panel show, and Tim Lovjoy, a weapon

Johnny and Al’s Football on the Telly

Football On TV

International weeks give us a break from watching actual football to concentrate on the far more enjoyable business of watching people talking about football, which brings us to this week’s Football Focus.

Richard Keys Savages Top-Top

Football On TV

What was up with Richard Keys during the England match? Why was he picking a fight with poor Jamie Redknapp? Was he just obeying orders?