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A real departure for me, for some reason this job advert on prompted me to write to the company Just A Platform


‘We don’t need no full-time education’

It’s time to give kids a lesson in the world of work, says journalist and author Alan Tyers, for

Broad and the walking debate: a summary


A brilliant, and brilliantly controversial, Test match has seem figures as diverse as Richard Dawkins and Piers Morgan having their say on batsmen not walking. The amount of opinion and argument has become overwhelming, so please find below a handy guide summarising the major debating positions on the matter.

First Test shows how television technology can now control the action

Daily Telegraph

It is impossible to say with complete confidence whether Werner Heisenberg, the German pioneer of quantum mechanics, liked cricket.

Ex-players on the Ashes: a handy media guide


The Ashes is the highlight of any player’s career. And these days, it’s a vital moneymaking opportunity for former cricketers as well. Look out for the following programmes and campaigns in the next few weeks.

New Zealand v England: an apology


By all UK newspapers Along with other commentators, we may have mistakenly given the impression that the England cricket team was among the very best in the world and merely had to turn up in New Zealand in order to secure a 3-0 series victory. Although this was not our intention, we now accept that […]

With friends like these, Kevin Pietersen…

Daily Telegraph

There are few situations in human life that cannot be made more disharmonious by the introduction of Piers Morgan, and sure enough, his entry into the fray on behalf of Kevin Pietersen has made the affair that bit more rancorous.

Identity Of Player Finally Revealed

The Wisden Cricketer

England selector Geoff Miller has broken ranks and named Eoin Morgan as the mystery “England No.6”.