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Slaves now to the technology that was supposed to improve the game, we debate the use and misuse of the DRS where once we talked of cricket


Kevin Pietersen, like Sir Ian Botham, was a problem worth having for English cricket

Daily Telegraph

[a blog for the Daily Telegraph website on the news that Kevin Pietersen had been left out of the England ODI and World Twenty20 squads]

Too much football? No, there’s not enough

Daily Telegraph

“What do they know of cricket, who only cricket know?” asked CLR James, or Joey Barton, or one of those other clever guys who are always coming up with deep stuff about sport. These days, the sports fan should be so lucky to know only of their favourite game…

Introduce A Handicap System

How To Save Cricket

Schedule overkill? Match-fixing? Two big tumours for poor old cricket. But another cancer is every bit as malignant as these two: a lack of competition. Here, though, is my fifth solution To Save Cricket

Reclaim Cricket from the Athletic

How To Save Cricket

You just don’t see enough articles about what’s wrong with cricket and how to solve its woes, do you? Someone should do one. So I have. It’s the first in my series: “How To Fix Cricket”